Shipping & Local Pickup


Shipping Zones & Pricing

Do you ship to all states in the U.S.?

All states except Hawaii and Alaska.

Do you have an order minimum to ship?

Yes. $90 to ensure your order stays frozen during transit.

What do you ship the product in?

You will receive your shipment in a reusable, curbside, recyclable cooler packed with dry ice.

How do I return the cooler?

The box and liner are biodegradable. Feel free to keep it and use it as a travel cooler OR return it to receive your full deposit back with the below instructions.

Kick-Back Program

When we receive your cooler, your account will be refunded $9 and we'll note each box return on your customer account. 10 cooler returns earns you $60 off a future order (reward code sent by email).

Mail It Back

Option 1: U.S. Postal Service can return boxes via Media Mail for $3–5 with a used book in the box.

  1. Put a used book in the box. We'll donate it to Little Free Libraries.
  2. Add the appropriate postage in stamps or mail it at your local post office.
  3. Mail to: WI5538 Polley Lane Gilman, WI 54433
  4. No rush to return, we are just happy to get them back.

Option 2: Mail it back priority mail for $6-7.

Local Pickup

Can I pick up my order?

You may! We offer a 10% discount on all orders picked up at one of our pick-up locations. UpBeet Integrative Health, Gracie Girl Bakery, Spero Wellness Clinic, and our farm.

Can someone else pick up my order?


All orders must be paid in full when the order is placed.


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